Jan Valer

I love painting and drawing. Started as an autodidact I drew things and people around me and - due to my university studies of botany - flowers and trees. After university studies I was attending evening classes of drawing, painting and sculpturing in one art school in Brno. An important step towards my own independent work was the acquisition of a studio in the former Vlnena factory in Brno. My work has undergone many phases in the last few years and I still cannot say that it has settled in a style. The reason behind this is that I try to submit the form to momentary feelings, attitudes and perceptions of the external world as well as of my own internal one. As a matter of fact, I do not even want to stay in a little box of a style since I enjoy finding new expressions for my artistic work. Read More

Exhibitions and events

05/2012 - Architectural studio "Vaši architekti" Brno - paintings
12/2012 - Galeryje99 Brno - paintings
03/2013 - Cafe 3ka Brno - collage
04/2014 - Desert club - paintings                                                                                                                                                                                                       05/2015 - Galeryje 9 Brno - paintings "Strokes"                                                                                                                                                                               03/2016 - Verbena - watercolor drawings and paintings

AUCTION for SLEZSKA DIAKONIE - social services NGO - 29th Novemeber 2015
BIENNALE FOR DIACONIA 2015 11th - 15th November
ATELIER OPEN - days of open studios in South Moravia Czech Republic - 26th - 27th September 2015                                                                                  STREET - ART TYRSAK 14th - 18th July 2014
BIENNALE FOR DIACONIA 2013 13th - 17th November